Finding a comfortable flow within a room
can be difficult when using new or existing furniture.

Sometimes, having a blank slate isn’t easy either, nor is trying to fit your furniture into a new space when it was purchased to fit an old one.

As we work together, we’ll talk about how you want to use each room, who will be using the rooms, and how accessible they need to be. 

A room’s purpose plays a major part in its spatial layout,
as does how you’ll ultimately enter and exit the space.


In my space planning packages, I’ll present you with 3 spatial layout options that we begin to manipulate and change until it looks just right. Then, once all the furniture is in, each is placed as specified. We then move things until it all feels just right. No matter how good the plan or perspectives are, a drawing will never give you the idea of how a room will feel, that’s why I stay until you’re comfortable and can move around in your home in total and complete satisfaction.

B. Family

“We had never worked with an interior designer before, but knew we needed help with our new house.”

– B. Family

Erin was a great pleasure to work with! We had never worked with an interior designer before, but knew we needed help with our new house. I interviewed five people and liked Erin best of all – her attitude, her knowledge, her sense of humor, and her commitment to working within our budget and the limited free time we had available. We initially hired her only to produce floor plans and shopping lists, but kept her on for researching and recommending furniture and decor in each room – every single detail. It was money well spent. She really helped us nail down what we wanted and gave us lots of options within our budget. I was thrilled with her service and so happy we hired her.

Are you ready for a space as unique as you are?


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