Lighting has an immense impact
on a room and how it’s lived in.

Lighting is most effective in layers, and can be used in creative ways to accent points of interest in a room.


After a lot of discussion, walking throughout your home, and understanding how you want to use each room, I create lighting schemes that work for the activities and uses of each space. I’ll even help you understand the importance of good lighting, and the types of fixtures that best accomplishes your lighting goals. As I design a lighting scheme, I’ll provide you with different fixture options that compliment the style you’d like to achieve.

With a little guidance, I’m able to help you see your home in a brand new light… pun intended.


“Erin does a great job.”

– JJ C.

Erin does a great job and her depth of expertise into the full process is rare.

Are you ready for a space as unique as you are?


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