Sahara Hills
Master Suite Remodel
Sammamish, WA

A water leak is what spurred this master suite remodel, taking it from an everyday bedroom with accompanying bath to a uniquely rustic retreat.
The square footage of the suite gave us plenty of room to play with. We created a layout that provided more privacy, enlarged the bathing area and walk-in closet.
My clients wanted to create a space with a rustic undertone that still felt modern and fresh. Behind a large custom barn door is the bathroom, whose material selection and placement was just as thoughtfully conceptualized as the floorplan itself.
A live edge mantel rests above the vanity adding a unique detail you wouldn’t normally imagine in a bathroom.
The detailing of the millwork, light fixtures and shiplap quietly contrasts the straight lines of the hardware and plumbing fixtures.
There’s a playfulness in the mosaic tile that introduces pattern while still maintaining a mostly monochromatic color theme. The freestanding tub is an inviting sight when you first walk in, with a wood accent piece above the bathtub that adds a richness and warmth to the bathing area.

Much of the wood detailing was carried through to the bedroom with modern accents that creates a sophisticated resting space.

The corner nook was turned into a sitting area void of heavy furniture to maintain the openness of the room.

Pops of color and pattern were added throughout the suite that created more layers of interest and brightness.
The accessories in both spaces enhance the overall theme, solidifying the rustic modern style we were trying to achieve.
When dissecting this gorgeous remodel, you begin to see all the little details, intentions and decisions that went into marrying each individual characteristic to one another. There were a lot of “what ifs”, “how abouts”, and “Yeah, – let’s not do that’s”, that went into making this master suite a room I am definitely envious!

“31E Designs was wonderful to work with. Erin did and does a great job at listening to myself and my husband’s “wants/needs” and finding a common ground; without compromising the design.

We have used Erin on a bathroom and bedroom remodel and continue to utilize her for a recent office and powder room. Highly recommend!”

Are you ready for a space as unique as you are?


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