Magnolia Condo
Seattle, WA

Gut and re-build was the theme of this project.

My clients were moving back into the condo and wanted to design it perfectly for them. This meant opening the wall between the living room and kitchen/dining areas creating a more open feel. Moving walls to make the primary bath larger and updating every surface possible!

The fireplace wall was reconfigured around the fireplace that was staying. New built-ins and an extended mantel were added eliminating the previously awkward, choppy layout.

After parts of the wall were removed, the kitchen and dining area got a facelift.

Even though the kitchen layout stayed the same, everything was updated from the cabinets and counters to the backsplash and counter to ceiling slab on the bump out wall above the peninsula that added a little extra to this gorgeous new kitchen.

New hardwoods throughout accentuated the length of the hallway that you just don’t find in condos these days.

The hall bath or “Her Bath” was gutted and made a little longer by removing a closet that opened into the hallway. The floor tile was a must-have with the remaining pieces designed in line with the atmosphere the flooring created.

“His” bath was a little more refined with straight lines and a more neutral palette. Originally this was a small, cramped bathroom. Luckily, the vanity wall was shared with an oversized laundry room that we borrowed square footage from allowing us to enlarge the bathroom. 

As with every other room, everything was updated from the custom vanity, new pendant lighting to the wicked tile selection.

The condo was transformed with a brush of playful sophistication that fit them perfectly.

My clients had fun pushing their style boundaries creating spaces that combined neutral colors with pattern and unique material.

“Erin was instrumental in helping us figure out the possibilities.” –  E. Hawk

My husband and I hired Erin to help us figure out what to do with our condo when we decided to renovate it. Initially, the project was really about the kitchen and bathrooms but (as it often does when you get going) the scope expanded to include the rest of the place. We were really overwhelmed with the idea of all the things we’d have to decide before construction started, but Erin calmly and patiently steered us through the entire process of selecting literally everything from new floors to new fixtures to paint, wallpaper and furniture. The best thing was that she really spent time understanding our taste and helping us maybe expand our horizons and perhaps use some color (LOL!) I’d have never thought I’d want wallpaper in a bathroom before this and it turned out beautifully. I cannot recommend her enough!

Are you ready for a space as unique as you are?


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