Lake Tapps Renovation
Lake Tapps, WA

This beautiful home sits on the lake with ample outdoor space for play and entertaining.

The West facing walls are lined with windows that provide great views of the water and summer sunsets. On the inside, however, the home wasn’t as well designed and impactful as its exterior. The layout of the main level, the living area, and kitchen, in particular, didn’t quite make sense spatially and were rather dated. During my initial walkthrough, there were a lot of questions…mostly, why?! Along with remodeling the master bath and powder room, we had a pretty big project ahead of us creating cohesive and open living spaces.

Much of the main living area was reconfigured, opening the kitchen to the living room while maintaining ample storage and sitting space at the island bar.

By painting them white, we were able to keep most of the kitchen cabinets while completely changing the look and making much needed adjustments to the layout. The industrial yet light and open feel of the space was accented with playful mosaic tile and end capped with a custom display for their wine collection.

The dining room went from Roman columns and arches to detailed, wood partitions with iron accents making this area almost unrecognizable.

It was important to keep this space open to the rest of the main living area, but still create boundaries to define it as a more formal area.

The living room fireplace was completely reframed and designed with a more contemporary look.

Wood and iron accents were incorporated in the design to compliment the industrial style that can be seen throughout the home.

The original master bath felt much smaller than it actually was. The framed in shower and built-in tub closed off half of the room and made if feel quite heavy and unbalanced.

We completely gutted the bathroom, but kept the layout as-is. By bringing in a freestanding tub, combining the shower and tub into one big area, my clients are now able to appreciate the spaciousness of the room. The soft green vanity adds contrast to the otherwise monochromatic color scheme and quiets the harshness of the contrasting black and white tile.

Along with a wicked new railing in the staircase, the powder room was remodeled with a custom vanity and matching mirror.

Bits of the industrial theme were carried into this room, but the chosen colors take on a more relaxed, coastal feel.

New flooring, trim and lighting throughout helped bring this renovation together. The mixed use of material and color completely transformed this home and took us down a road I was pleasantly surprised by, as my clients directed the way. The layout no longer feels awkward or happenstance, but intentional and thought out with punches of character throughout. And finally, the interior of the home is just as impressive as its exterior.

Cabinetry, wood, and ironwork by BlackRock Industries.

“Erin was professional and pleasant to work with.” – M. & S. Eggen

We were back in our house within two months and very happy with the job. Great experience.

Are you ready for a space as unique as you are?


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