Brier Kitchen
Brier, WA

With a baby on the way and a new home, my clients decided to take on a renovation that would transform a cramped, closed off kitchen into an open and efficient workspace.

The floor plan was revised to include a center island, a baker’s peninsula and specifically placed appliances to enhance the overall flow of the kitchen.

Kitchen Renovation
Family to Kitchen

The wall separating the kitchen from the remainder of the lower level was removed to create a great room concept, as was the wall that cut the lower level in half. This left the home feeling open, inviting and easy to navigate.

With a relatively neutral color palette, the blue and patterned tile were allowed to really take center stage. The surprising contrast both in color and abundance of pattern, quickly faded as the balance between simple and detailed, neutral and intensity had been perfectly achieved.

Kitchen Renovation
Kitchen Renovation

The added accents of wood and glass enhanced the overall design, creating a cohesive kitchen both in aesthetic and function.

Before the renovation…

Kitchen Before

Are you ready for a space as unique as you are?


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