Arbor Ridge Remodel
Woodinville, WA

With a floor plan that didn’t allow for a big expansion or great room concept, transforming this kitchen within its constraints was going to be a task.

The layout itself was not able to change with the dining room on one side and an awkward drop off to the lower level on the other. The dining room was a *must stay* and remedying the opening to the lower level wouldn’t make enough difference to warrant its expense.

Family to Kitchen

So the next best thing – widen openings, eliminate what we could and have fun with material selection.

The opening from the entry was rather small, enhancing the closed in feel of the kitchen. By widening it and removing the wall separating the kitchen from the dining room, the kitchen began to appear much larger. The footprint itself didn’t change, but the visual continuation of spaces grew.

Once that was accomplished, it was time to focus on what the kitchen didn’t have previously….my clients’ personality.

Straight edge subway tile and a neutral color scheme was not going to cut it in this home. From top to bottom, each material has its own characteristics that play nicely together with simple cabinets that tie it altogether.

Family to Kitchen
Family to Kitchen

The speckled counters flow into the playful backsplash with a wood-trimmed window that seems to add emphasis to the pattern of the tile.

The contrast of the busy backsplash against the solid, honey cabinets brightens the space and gives it the character my clients felt it was missing.

Family to Kitchen
Family to Kitchen

Next was to remedy the ample amount of open space in the center and little, uninterrupted countertop.

When I first met with my clients, we sat at a small table off to the side of the kitchen. A table that was clearly used on the regular (the homework table), which meant, desperately needed.

The answer was a straightforward, stainless steel top, iron base with open shelves on wheels.

Simple and purposeful to accommodate their needs, but not substantial enough to close in the kitchen once again. An island for cooking with easy access to bowls that can be moved to the side when not needed and of course, when its homework time!

For hardly altering the layout, this kitchen underwent a huge transformation.

This project is a great example of how updating material has a huge impact on a space. We evaluated my clients’ needs, pushed the boundaries as much as we could, but my clients’ personal touches were what transformed their kitchen and made it their own.

Family to Kitchen
Family to Kitchen
Family to Kitchen
Family to Kitchen

“Erin played an instrumental role in our successful kitchen remodel project!”

– Malone Family

She is fun to work with, efficient, responsive and a great listener. Her recommendations and ideas incorporated but also elevated our personal preferences. Our new cabinets, countertop, tiles, and flooring all look great and work amazingly well together – a testament to her talent. She also contributed thoughtful structural design ideas to the project which were much appreciated. We highly recommend 31E Designs!

Are you ready for a space as unique as you are?


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