Design Bits

Communicating style and ideas to your designer can be challenging when you don’t know the “lingo” or have a clear idea of what you want. Being able to send over a few images that perfectly depict your style and/or ideal space is always helpful. That is why Pinterest and Houzz are great websites to do much-needed research, especially in the beginning. Houzz and Pinterest are sites that host countless images, becoming reliable tools for many of my successful projects and ways for my clients to communicate ideas they couldn’t otherwise.  It is easy to create an idea book or picture board that both you and your designer can share images of your *must haves*. Allow Pinterest and Houzz to help you design what is best for your home.

KEEP IN MIND: what is ideal for another space, might not be perfect for yours.

With that said, once you and your designer decide that uniquely shaped island won’t fit within the boundaries of your kitchen, let the idea go. Don’t try to force someone else’s design moves into your home because “IT’S JUST SO COOL”!  That Cool Factor will not transfer if it simply doesn’t work for your space and remember, these websites are showing snippets of other peoples’ spaces, not yours. Pinterest and Houzz have a revolving door of the newest and greatest projects that are Just So Cool – which means, the ideas are never-ending and there will always be another cool idea.

Once a decision has been finalized and you have moved on, let what you are searching for evolve. Don’t keep looking at cabinet colors and layouts when you have already placed your cabinet order. Trust your choices and accept that you will always find another wicked idea; you and your designer are making the best decisions for your space. Otherwise, your project will be a revolving door of great ideas, but with very little progress. Let those images be inspiration, not guidelines.

As I always say… never live in someone else’s box, design your own.

Are you ready for a space as unique as you are?


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